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Accepted Insurance

Please be sure to read about your responsibility to provide complete and accurate insurance information before your child is seen.

Our office accepts all Aetna and United plans, including both Aetna HMO and United HMO. These are the only 2 HMOs which our office accepts.

Our office accepts most PPO plans, including BCBS and Cigna. Please check your provider directory, and/or call your insurance company to be sure we accept your insurance plan.

In order to avoid waiting in our office while we verify insurance coverage, we encourage our patients to fax a copy of their insurance card (front and back) to our office at 713-688-0595 before their first appointment, or when there are changes in insurance coverage. New patients can also save time by downloading and faxing back a completed New Patient Packet (Please complete all 5 pages). Remember to bring your immunization record with you to every visit. We also have an extended family history (3 pages) that we encourage you to fill out to provide us with more information about your child and your family's medical history.

Patient Responsibility

We ask that our patients determine in advance their co-pays and deductibles, as well as checking their insurance coverage regarding wellness check-ups and vaccines. Ultimately it is your responsibility to know the terms/limitations of your insurance policy.

Insurance company policies vary, and early clarification will prevent misunderstandings and unexpected costs to our patients.Our office appreciates your cooperation in our effort to clarify coverage, by providing our office with new insurance information by phone or by fax in advance of your office visit. Providing our office with this information at the time of your office visit may result in long waits, and lengthy times spent by our staff on the phone clarifying individual insurance policies prevents taking proper care of our patients.

If you are expecting a new arrival, first: congratulations! Second: call and enroll your new baby on insurance as soon as possible. Insurance companies have different provisions and often have very strict deadlines for enrollment. Enrolling your infant within a few days of birth will avoid a lot of costs and headaches for you. We recommend that you ascertain the terms of your policy within days of your baby's birth. This also applied to those who get new insurance policies, or who change insurance policies. Specifically, you need to know your co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, and any exclusion from coverage, as well as whether your insurance covers wellness checkups and vaccines.